Royal Enfield Custom Twin

Royal Enfield Custom Twin

An extraordinary custom does not need to cost you a million bucks, or make your entire life thinking that will you be able to fulfill your wish or not. Norfolk-based Old Empire Motorcycles (OEM) have decided to strip back one of the new Enfield twins in order to create one of the cleanest creations in motorbikes we have ever witnessed. According to the co-founder of Old Empire Motorcycles, Alec Sharp says that Enfield approached them last year with the concept of enhancing their 650 Interceptor by utilizing their engine to the focal point. Old Empire Motorcycles holds a specialization in designing and in the creation of handmade custom motorbikes or their parts and attire. The company added some striking features to the motorbike, like adding visible controls to the handle bars and eliminating the switch gear. The team decided to alter the bike by removing all the levers and buttons from the handle bar, giving the bike a more sophisticated look. Where the front brakes were located they paired it with the right foot pedal so that you can simultaneously engage with both the front and rear brake. These entire changes gave the bike a look like of BMX.

The result leaded to a development of a beautiful motorbike, paired with a number of versatile features. The handlebars of the bike do not have visible controls and the throttle cables have been routed internally. No changes have been made in the clutch, which operates from a twist grip on the left-hand bar. The interceptor was stripped down and a back was built. This gave the bike a very strong presence. A pair of short, golden, underlines outlined the mill of the bike and the exhaust pipers nicely lined the golden accents on the tank, suspension reservoirs and drive chain.

The wheels of the INT's wire have been built-in with a set of Metzeler Racetec tires. The seat of the bike has been replaced by a new flat saddle chad in red, with a diamond-stitch leather. The engine covers of the bike have been painted and the side plates are covered with customized leather which are decorated with a golden orb. The purpose of adding orb here is to evenly fill in the gap, which is below the saddle. The motor bike now looks marvelous and is winning hearts of moto vloggers.

Also, in spite of OEM's underlying fear of taking a shot at other current bicycles, there were no malfunctions in the electrics. Alec told MCN, that they have worked with a number of modern motorbikes which were designed with a very complex wiring system that restricted them from many modifications. On the other hand, Enfield was one of the nicest bike they got a chance to alter and even after removing everything, it still worked.

The outcome is exposed and it is exquisite. It will pursue you to take a look at the INT 650 out of an alternate light. The motorbike is less expensive as compared to what it was before and can be included in the list of top motorbikes.