New 338cc China built Harley Davidson

New 338cc China built Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson, Inc. has announced plans for a new low-displacement motorcycle model to be available in China by the end of 2020. The latest model is a parallel twin scrambler 338cc water-cooled, which will be co-developed with Qianjiang Motorcycle Company Limited.

The Harley-Davidson and Qianjiang co-developed Harley-Davidson motorcycle premium 338cc displacement will go on sale in China first, followed by other Asian markets.

Qianjiang was chosen by the renowned American motorcycle business based on its proven distribution scheme and expertise in creating premium small motorcycles for displacement.

The partnership is a component of the More Roads development plans of Harley Davidson, which they expect will see the bike company expand its global business by 50% of the annual amount by 2027.

Harley is known for his reliable, loud vehicles, but it has moved down the ladder of displacement in the past few years. The business is now selling a $7,000 500 cc bicycle, the Street 500.

Motorcycles, however, are everyday transport in Asia. Small bicycles are standard in this region. The logic of Harley is to establish the brand on the market's reduced rungs and separate Harley quality from an ocean of inexpensive motorcycles, setting customers up to climb from a small bike to a bigger one.

Harley Davidson CEO's Message:

Matt Levatich, CEO of Harley-Davidson, outlined the 10-year strategy for the company. "By 2027, our goals are to construct 2 million new Harley-Davidson riders in the U.S., expand our international company to 50% of our annual quantity, release 100 fresh high-impact Harley-Davidson cars, offer superior return on capital invested for Harley-Davidson Motor Company and develop our company without increasing our economic performance," said Levatich.

The company expects this step will also see more customers opting for their more traditional models, as well as the new Qianjiang displacement model that will be offered." Our More Roads strategy is all about introducing our brand of freedom to more individuals, in more areas, in more respects, "said Harley-Davidson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Matt Levatich,

"We're enthusiastic about this chance to create more Harley riders in China, one of the biggest motorcycle markets in the world, by establishing new approaches to our brand."


In addition to the 338cc displacement, Harley-Davidson did not provide specific technical details about the new model. The renderings supplied by the suggested model tend to have a trellis frame, swingarm, suspension, and motor comparable to those used on the Benelli TNT300.

With Qianjiang's participation in the fresh Harley-Davidson model and close examination of the rendering of the upcoming model by Harley-Davidson, it seems to be strongly dependent on the present scrambler product by QJ Benelli, the TNT300. Furthermore, the trellis frame of the fresh TNT300 feels very comparable to the Harley make, up to the higher back swingarm shock mount.

Since many of Benelli's motorbikes share popular platforms and motors, another Harley model is planning to deliver an adventure bike in the future, one of Benelli's products, the TRK502 could be focused on another. This is all conjecture, of course. However, this new collaboration with Qianjiang and its present stable of Benelli products will undoubtedly render the development of new designs simpler for Harley.


Harley-Davidson is attempting to prepare new motorcyclists, with an expressed objective of making 2,000,000 new Harley-Davidson riders by 2027. This is incompletely through rider developing at the vendor level, yet Harley is additionally utilizing different ways to deal with by drawing in new students, including bike rider preparing included as a significant aspect of a college program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Harley Davidson is manufacturing more beginner-friendly bikes that are cost-effective. They have more bikes in the line-up such as Sportster and Street. From many years, Harley Davidson has gained the interest of hipsters and millennials. But now the company is moving in the right direction. There is going to be a massive cultural shift for the company. Almost certainly a portion of its arranged ventures will wind up being chopped out, yet a long time from now, regardless of whether just a couple of them come through, Harley-Davidson will be a radically extraordinary company, offering to new clients in North America (skaters, fashionable people, EV addicts) and with an entirely different universe of abroad purchasers, actually. It could be the most drastic change any bike organization has ever observed in such a brief timeframe. It'll be entrancing to watch, and if Harley-Davidson sees such an extreme change, you can wager the North American riding scene is going to change with it. Everything we can say is, stay tuned because there are fascinating things ahead.