Most awaited Electric bike

Most awaited Electric bike

Ducati has had a steep history in the racing world. Ducati has always produced motorbike that lead the example of innovation and technology. Therefore, now they are working towards a mission to make an extraordinary electric motorbike. One bike is already in the making, and the moto behind that bike is “for tomorrow” according to the Head of innovation of Ducati, Pierluigi Zampieri.

As the world constantly revolves around the new products that are developed comprising the technology and innovation, for every entrepreneur in order to succeed they need to cope up with the pace of technology and innovation. And if you are a manufacturer of bikes then it is the only way you can generate revenue. Electric bikes are a part of the future, and in order to hold a strong market position Ducati needs to focus on them. However, still the direction of this innovation is blur. Zampieri told MCN that they are still developing bikes while maintaining the aim of the organization. But in order to construct an electric bike one needs to balance weight, performance and its range. The first model may not be as extraordinary as we expect it to be, because storing an electric density might not be as high as in the regular motor bikes. The main challenge Ducati is facing comprising is its technicality while not compromising on its quality, performance and weight targets. The news of Ducati's electric bike is all over the internet thanks to the motorbike blogs and moto vlogs.

Zampieri continuous, that a company is considered to be a state of art, generating ideas, developing products with new concepts while keeping the competitor's product in mind. The drawback in the industry of bikes is that it is a small market in comparison to other markets and presenting innovative ideas is a hard task.

Ducati faced a similar problem a couple of years back when their V-twin superbike's lifespan reached the end while its performance was impossible. Later the solution was moved to the V4 model. While constructing the model of V4, several discussions were held under the subject that whether the customers will appreciate or not. Similar, discussions are being held while coming with the idea of electric motorbike. A customer might want such a bike in the present but will he crave for it in the future. This is where the dilemma lies in. A day might come that Ducati's customers will crave for an electric motor bike, but it is difficult to know when or till what extent. Constructing a model is not a tough job, but when to launch that model is what holds all the importance. Another issue Ducati faces is maintaining the Italian Stallion dream, a bike that is bad tempered yet classy and worth smooth rides. The head of Ducati, says it might be a great challenge, but they are confident that they can construct an electric bike with pure Ducati character.

A challenge every bike manufacturer is facing is that these days kids do not have posters in their rooms just like kids back in 1900s had in their rooms. The market will only last long if an enthusiasm is seen in young generation. Bikes should be considered as an object that they want to own rather than a challenge and something that sparks your interest. Although there are many challenges to be faced by the company itself, but its electric motor bike is the most awaited in the market.