Macfox Launches New Electric Bicycles

Macfox, a brand known for its fat tyre electric bikes has launched a new range of electric bicycles with higher playability and DIY attributes. The market for electric bikes has witnessed a massive surge in activity over the last few years, with the demand growing exponentially. And amongst the various market players, Macfox has emerged as the true leader, offering the best fat tire electric bikes to enthusiasts across the United States and Canada. Macfox has redesigned the conventional style and brings a rather unconventional punk style to the market with enhanced playability and DIY (Do It Yourself) attributes.

Based in Garland, TX, USA, Macfox presently offers three electric bikes, Macfox-X1 (priced between $999 and $1497), Macfox-X2 (priced between $1799 and $2397), and Macfox-M20X (priced at $999). Besides, Macfox has several useful accessories available on the official website, including e-bike pedals, battery chargers, tires, and double seats. Users will also find several customization options to enhance the playability and usability of e-bikes further. It includes a taillight, storage bag, headlight, and batteries (both 15.6 Ah and 10.4 Ah). So, in all, Macfox intends to be the one-stop destination for all electric bicycle requirements, be it the actual e-bike or the accessories. And it has done that well so far.

Why choose Macfox?

With 24x7 support, Macfox is genuinely dedicated to customers and ensures their complete satisfaction. Their products are best-in-class with top-notch quality and are meant to last. Customers who purchased Macfox e-bikes haven’t reported issues and are truly amazed by the quality, durability, and comfort.

Macfox also offers a high range that allows riders to cover longer distances on a single charge. The high-powered motor allows navigating through difficult terrain with ease, and the more robust and optimally designed body minimizes accidents and damage. Macfox is, in all, a complete package for riders looking to go with an e-bike designed for both cities and hilly terrains.

The dedicated Blogs and News section on the official website aids riders in identifying the best practices and understanding how to get the best from their e-bikes. It also helps keep the community engaged and draw more people. Besides, one will find information about the latest discounts and offers on Macfox products to get the best deal. The blogs section also serves as a space for users to share their personal experiences with Macfox e-bikes, and it’s truly a great read! This not just acts as a platform to put forth personal experiences but also helps others figure out what works best in different situations.

Macfox provides free shipping across 48 states in the United States for orders above $99. The ones priced lower will attract a small fee of $9.99. While for Canada, there’s a $150 shipping cost levied on all orders, irrespective of their value.

The best part of Macfox e-bikes and accessories is that the listed prices are inclusive of taxes, and no additional charges are added once users proceed to the payment. So, whatever price is listed on the website will be charged for the order. No hidden costs whatsoever!

Macfox has made electric bikes fun with better usability, enhanced power and performance, the ability to customize, longer run time, and added DIY attributes. For those who haven’t yet, do check out Macfox’s collection of e-bikes, accessories, and customizations, and place an order today!

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