2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

2023 mitsubishi outlander phev

All-New 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Named 2023 Family Green Car of the Year by Green Car Journal. The accolades are beginning to roll in for the all-new 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV), even before the first vehicle has been delivered to a customer in the U.S. Today, Outlander PHEV was announced as the "2023 Family Green Car of the Year™" and top segment performer as part of Green Car Journal's 2023 Green Car Awards. This marks the third time in the last five years the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, the world's best-selling PHEV SUV1, has been recognized by the publication.

"We spent a lot of time and over 20,000 miles behind the wheel of the previous generation Outlander PHEV, which allowed us to really appreciate its capabilities," said Ron Cogan, editor and publisher of Green Car Journal and GreenCarJournal.com. "We're extremely impressed with the sophisticated style and engineering of the new generation 2023 Outlander PHEV, and especially appreciate its significantly greater all-electric and overall driving range. It is a deserving winner of the magazine's 2023 Family Green Car of the Year™ award."

The Outlander PHEV was recognized for its blend of environmental performance and family-friendly versatility in a popular crossover package. The publication further recognized the Outlander PHEV for its offering of plug-in electric vehicle (EV) efficiency and sport-utility capability. The Green Car Awards™ highlight the best environmentally friendly new model year vehicles to help make purchase decisions easier.

"What a great way to kick off the launch of the 2023 Outlander PHEV," said Mark Chaffin, MMNA President and CEO. "This vehicle is the flagship of Mitsubishi Motors – clean and quiet electric motoring for up to 38 miles, the ease of refueling and convenience of a gasoline engine, a style that sets it apart from other vehicles on the road, and room for the whole family across three rows of seats. With the engineering of the hybrid system designed to maximize 'EV-ness,' it's clear how Outlander PHEV plays a pivotal role as part of our Environmental Targets 2030, as we target a 40 percent reduction in global CO2 emissions."

The Outlander PHEV brings together the superior efficiency of an electric vehicle, the utility of a crossover as well as stability and handling provided by Mitsubishi's standard-equipment Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) all-wheel drive system.2 The PHEV boasts a 38-mile all-electric driving range mated to a gas motor to combine for an EPA-estimated 420 miles of total driving range.3 The S-AWC system was modified specifically for the Outlander PHEV's unique twin electric motor configuration to allow maximum performance and superior traction and safety, especially in harsh weather conditions.

Through a network of approximately 330 dealer partners across the United States, Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. (MMNA) is responsible for the sales, marketing, and customer service of Mitsubishi Motors vehicles in the U.S. In its Environmental Targets 2030, MMNA's parent company Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has set a goal of a 40 percent reduction in the CO2 emissions of its new cars by 2030 through leveraging EVs — with PHEVs as the centerpiece — to help create a sustainable society.

New Materials Create Safer Quieter EVs

new materials create safer quieter evs

Ascend Performance Materials has developed two materials for electric vehicles that improve safety and passenger comfort. The company's Starflam® X-Protect and Vydyne® AVS tackle two unique challenges automakers face when developing their EV platforms.

Starflam X-Protect is an industry-leading flame-retardant nylon 66 that withstands exposure to 1,100°C direct flame for 15 minutes, surpassing standard flame-retardant materials and aluminum tested in accordance with SAE AS5127 (a test originally designed for aerospace applications).

"Safety remains one of the primary concerns for people considering an EV," said Ian van Duijvenboode, Ascend's senior director for e-mobility. "Despite being relatively rare, critical battery failure and thermal runaway can occur and X-Protect was designed to keep people safe even in extreme circumstances."

Unparalleled vibration damping and one of the quietest cars

Ascend's team of e-mobility application development engineers and polymer scientists created a novel solution to dampen noise, vibration and harshness in EVs, which produce vibrations at 10 times the frequency of internal combustion engine vehicles.

Vydyne AVS is a new engineered material effective at damping high-frequency vibrations from noise sources like motors and compressors, which translates into an 80% reduction in cabin sound pressure.

One of the applications where Vydyne AVS is being used is in the Cadillac LYRIQ, which has been dubbed "crypt-quiet" and "the quietest car I can remember driving" by the press. The LYRIQ sports an electric AC compressor mounting bracket made of Vydyne AVS, which effectively helps damp that component's vibrations at the source while also providing structural support.

"Vydyne AVS is the result of years of engineering development combined with our unique ability to tailor the polymerization process to target specific attributes," said Dr. Steve Manning, Ascend's senior director for engineered materials. "It's an example of our commitment to help customers lead in innovation and tackle the unique challenges driven by this transformation to electrification."

Ascend will be showcasing its new materials, including its low-carbon-footprint products, under its Advancing Together theme at K 2022 from 19-26 October in Hall 6 Stand A07.

The Cheapest Tesla Cars in 2022

the cheapest tesla cars in 2022

Tesla has raised pricing across the board as costs for new and used vehicles continue to rise. Looking at the current lineup, the Tesla Model 3 remains the most affordable, followed by the Tesla Model Y electric SUV. The Tesla Model S comes next, followed by the Model X. The Tesla Vehicle 3 is regarded as the most affordable model in the series, but MotorTrend claims that this is no longer the case.

After the most recent price increase, the Model 3 will start at $48,190 in March 2022. It did gain five miles of range, bringing it to 267 miles. The 2022 Model 3 Long Range has an EPA-rated range of 353 miles and a starting price of $55,690. That's nearly $2,000 more than the last price change. The Performance model now starts at $63,190, a $3,000 increase over the previous rise. This one has a range of 315 miles and all-wheel drive.

The Tesla Model 3 2022 is the California-based all-electric automaker's smallest and most inexpensive model. Tesla is leaving things very much the same for the 2022 Model 3 after making several changes for 2021 that included an updated interior, longer range on a full charge, and extra standard amenities. There are a few minor improvements, such as a faster CPU for the infotainment system, but the Model 3's main selling points remain its outstanding range, powerful performance, and a spacious extra pleasant cabin.

However, Tesla isn't the only carmaker providing enticing electric vehicles these days. The Ford Mustang Mach-E stands out for its dynamic performance and practical luggage capacity, while the all-new BMW i4 is a true luxury sport sedan that also happens to be an EV. Tesla's early start has given the firm an advantage in terms of the overall package. The Model 3 remains a tremendously enticing automobile. Despite our disappointments with its less-than-advertised range and clumsy electronics, it's definitely worth a look if you want an electric car. Check out our Expert Rating for an in-depth analysis of the Model 3's performance, range, and other features.

Compared to other non-luxury electric vehicles, the Model 3 provides a remarkable driving experience. Its brilliant interior design conveys elegance, modernity, and luxury. The rear-wheel-drive configuration and strong electric engine give natural agility and faster acceleration than anything else in its price category. If you seek an electric car, the Model 3 is nearly unrivaled in terms of pricing. The Model 3 was a comfortable spot to sit for several hours at a time. Our only complaint is that the non-perforated leather seats don't breathe effectively in hotter climates. Otherwise, the chairs are comfortable and supportive.

The unique temperature controls are controlled by a touchscreen and allow both the driver and front passenger to manipulate the vents on either side of the interior. Other manufacturers have now imitated this method. The interior is silent and blocks off the wind, electric propulsion, and most road noise. Most of the time, ride comfort is pleasant, although it might seem crowded if the road surface is broken or uneven. Because of its size, the Model 3 navigation display is stunning, and it's one of the few that gets Google Maps data in real-time. This can result in sporadic information in regions with low reception, but the interface is otherwise simple to use. One of the best systems available is the Autopilot traffic-aware cruise and lane management system. The vehicle's cruise control will usually slow for approaching bends (though sometimes too conservatively).

The fact that the Model 3 doesn't have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay certainly puts it at a disadvantage compared to numerous competitors. Bluetooth is the sole option to link your smartphone to the audio environment, and it is not necessarily as reliable as a USB connection. You may, however, stream entertainment straight to the infotainment system from sites like Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube (typically only when parked).

Because of its excellent off-the-line performance, intelligent and responsive steering, and coordinated and snappy handling, the Model 3 feels athletic and exciting. The straight-line push we enjoyed in the early Long Range versions is still available in the Standard Range Plus trim. In Edmunds' testing, a Standard Range Plus raced from 0 to 60 mph in 5.3 seconds, outperforming prospective competitors such as the Chevrolet Bolt and Kia Niro EV. The high-end Dual Motor versions are on another level on speeding issues.

BMW Motorrad concept R18

bmw motorrad concept r18

BMW has the fame and longevity to suit the American brands, but with the recent engine it can perfectly fit in the cruiser category. The boxer engine interprets iconic architecture designs of BMW motorcycle history, cradle frame, exposed universal cylinder and fuel tank with its black paintwork and hand-applied contrast lines.

The BMW Motorrad concept R18 aims to maximize the most essential components of a bike. 'The biggest challenge is to make everything transparent,' says Bart Janssen Groesbeek, the concept bike designer. 'Each section has a functional purpose.'

What's new in Motorrad Concept R18?

The frame and tank produce a standard line from the steering head to the rear wheel hub and give the side view a flowing appeal, while the big spoked wheels (front 21 inches, back 18 inches) provide a safe position and a perfect balance between the powerful power units.


The core of the R18 BMW motorcycle idea is the newly constructed big 1800 cc two-cylinder boxer engine. The engine is made from glass bead-blasted aluminum, while Solex dual carburetors reflect the manufacturing history of the brand. Another characteristic is the exposed, chrome-plated universal shaft that connects the back wheel to the engine. Anywhere on the motorcycle, there are no further covers which aim to maintain its engineering visibly.

In this two-wheeled masterpiece, BMW does the legacy thing exceptionally well. All features of BMW's most popular motorcycle designs are included such as a steel cradle frame, a twin-cylinder boxer engine, and shaft drive. Modern touches are seen throughout the bike apart from the giant engine. One of the most exceptional feature that has been added in the modern motorcycle design is the powerful braking system. The sketchy but splendid drum brakes of the days of the previous eras are gone, and contemporary, extremely competent disc wheels are in place that will have a greater opportunity of slowing the motorcycle more than once.

Technology is also used for lightning purpose. There are no 6-volt incandescent candle-dim bulbs on the R18. Everything uses LED units that are modern, vibrant, and extremely powerful.

Each of these specifications gives the R18 a vintage yet modern character built for 2019 and beyond.

Point of view of the Designer of Motorrad Concept R18:

"For me, motorcycles like the BMW Motorrad Concept R18 react to a emerging motorcycle society need: instead of technology, the focus here is on simplification, authenticity and simplicity," said BMW Motorrad Design Heinrich in a remark. "I feel an almost passionate longing for real mechanical engineering. Our goal with this concept bike is to address this need and turn it into an analog statement in a digital age. We have a wealthy background of iconic motorcycles, and they all have the same construction features. We believe that technology can change everything."

What the BMW'S Marketing Vice President has to say about Motorrad Concept?

"We naturally want to continue growing," said Timo Resch, BMW Motorrad's Vice President of Sales and Marketing at the "Revival Birdcage" demonstrate motorcycle unveiling. His words take on much more significance in the context of what we have now seen at Villa d'Este: "One step we will take to do so, definitely on the US market, is to join the Cruiser segment. BMW Motorrad is continuously pursuing its development strategy with the clear objective of becoming the number one in the Premium Big Bike segment."

The company describes the R18 as demonstrating "how a forward projection of a 1960s boxer engine could look like today in combination with all the classic BMW Motorrad design icons as a purist custom bike."

Summary time

We have often wondered where BMW would go next with its heritage motorcycle division, with the R NineT series having reached its capabilities beyond limits. Today we know, thanks to confirmation from representatives of BMW that in the latter half of 2020 there will be a production version of the R18. Time for some new excitement!!!