Macfox Launches New Electric Bicycles

macfox launches new electric bicycles

Macfox, a brand known for its fat tyre electric bikes has launched a new range of electric bicycles with higher playability and DIY attributes. The market for electric bikes has witnessed a massive surge in activity over the last few years, with the demand growing exponentially. And amongst the various market players, Macfox has emerged as the true leader, offering the best fat tire electric bikes to enthusiasts across the United States and Canada. Macfox has redesigned the conventional style and brings a rather unconventional punk style to the market with enhanced playability and DIY (Do It Yourself) attributes.

Based in Garland, TX, USA, Macfox presently offers three electric bikes, Macfox-X1 (priced between $999 and $1497), Macfox-X2 (priced between $1799 and $2397), and Macfox-M20X (priced at $999). Besides, Macfox has several useful accessories available on the official website, including e-bike pedals, battery chargers, tires, and double seats. Users will also find several customization options to enhance the playability and usability of e-bikes further. It includes a taillight, storage bag, headlight, and batteries (both 15.6 Ah and 10.4 Ah). So, in all, Macfox intends to be the one-stop destination for all electric bicycle requirements, be it the actual e-bike or the accessories. And it has done that well so far.

Why choose Macfox?

With 24x7 support, Macfox is genuinely dedicated to customers and ensures their complete satisfaction. Their products are best-in-class with top-notch quality and are meant to last. Customers who purchased Macfox e-bikes haven’t reported issues and are truly amazed by the quality, durability, and comfort.

Macfox also offers a high range that allows riders to cover longer distances on a single charge. The high-powered motor allows navigating through difficult terrain with ease, and the more robust and optimally designed body minimizes accidents and damage. Macfox is, in all, a complete package for riders looking to go with an e-bike designed for both cities and hilly terrains.

The dedicated Blogs and News section on the official website aids riders in identifying the best practices and understanding how to get the best from their e-bikes. It also helps keep the community engaged and draw more people. Besides, one will find information about the latest discounts and offers on Macfox products to get the best deal. The blogs section also serves as a space for users to share their personal experiences with Macfox e-bikes, and it’s truly a great read! This not just acts as a platform to put forth personal experiences but also helps others figure out what works best in different situations.

Macfox provides free shipping across 48 states in the United States for orders above $99. The ones priced lower will attract a small fee of $9.99. While for Canada, there’s a $150 shipping cost levied on all orders, irrespective of their value.

The best part of Macfox e-bikes and accessories is that the listed prices are inclusive of taxes, and no additional charges are added once users proceed to the payment. So, whatever price is listed on the website will be charged for the order. No hidden costs whatsoever!

Macfox has made electric bikes fun with better usability, enhanced power and performance, the ability to customize, longer run time, and added DIY attributes. For those who haven’t yet, do check out Macfox’s collection of e-bikes, accessories, and customizations, and place an order today!

To find out more about Macfox, visit the official website:

2024 GR Supra Celebrates 45 Years of Legendary Power

2024 gr supra celebrates 45 years of legendary power

For over four decades the Toyota Supra has earned a reputation as an icon among sports car enthusiasts. From its first-generation roots as the Celica Supra in 1979 to its current fifth-generation form as the GR Supra, the model has captured drivers' hearts over the years with a blend of power, handling, tech, and style. For 2024, Toyota pays tribute to that history with an eye-popping 45th Anniversary Edition.

As an ode to the 1990's models, the GR Supra 45th Anniversary edition will be available in a deep orange Mikan Blast ("mikan" means orange in Japanese) or ice cold Absolute Zero. Built on the 3.0 Premium Grade, this GR Supra's low-slung, condensed extreme design is complemented by a large, manually adjustable rear spoiler. Rising about three inches above the rear decklid, the spoiler has an adjustment screw that allows drivers to change its angle and influence the amount of downforce being applied to rear wheels.

The 45th Anniversary Edition also features matte-black finished 19-inch aluminum wheels and black painted opposite mounted brake calipers that wear a GR logo up front. A black side panel graphic with a cutout Supra logo sweeps upward along the side, accentuating the vehicle's contours. Altogether, the special edition brings a touch of nostalgia and flair to the 2024 Supra lineup with a look reminiscent of the MkIV model of big screen fame. The 45th Anniversary Edition will be limited to 900 units, split evenly between Mikan Blast and Absolute Zero. The engine will be flanked by exclusive 45th Anniversary Edition Mikan Blast strut tower braces that bear the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing logo. It will be available in both manual and automatic transmission options and will be powered by the same B58 inline six-cylinder 3.0-liter turbocharged engine on all 3.0 Supra models, outputting 382-hp and 368 lb.-ft. of torque.

The GR Supra 45th Anniversary Edition sticks with the nameplate's playbook of offering unique versions since its relaunch. Since the model returned to the market in 2019, Toyota has rolled out Launch, A91, A91 Carbon Fiber, and A91MT editions. Additionally, the GR Supra has continued to evolve over the past four model years, with changes like increased horsepower and torque on the 3.0 models, updates to handling dynamics, the addition of a 2.0-L 4-cylinder model, and the addition of a Manual Transmission option. In 2020 Toyota GAZOO Racing also started producing a GR Supra GT4 model for racing.

GR Supra 45th Anniversary models are expected to arrive at Toyota dealerships in the fall of 2023. Pricing for the special edition model and details for the complete 2024 GR Supra lineup will be shared at a later date.

Blast From the Past

First on sale in 1979 and originally named the Toyota Celica Supra in the U.S., the first-generation Mark I (MkI) Supra was positioned as a luxury, rear-wheel drive sports model in the Toyota lineup. Known by some as the A40, which referred to its chassis code, it went through enough changes in its short time to ultimately be referred to as the A50 Celica Supra by Toyota engineers.

Initially, it featured a 2.6-liter inline-six engine that produced 110 horsepower and was available in both manual and automatic transmissions. In 1980, the model changed from a fixed axle rear suspension to a semi-trailing arm and coil spring system, and the 2.6-liter engine was replaced with a 2.8-liter unit. Although only produced for a brief time, and in limited volume, the first generation Supra marked the beginning of a new era for Toyota sports cars.

In 1982 the second-generation A60 Celica (MkII) Supra arrived. This model used a 2.8-liter 5M-GE twin-cam straight-six engine. The sheet metal was radically redesigned from its predecessor and featured an aerodynamic look with a longer wheelbase and stretched front-end. It also included retractable headlights, a more aggressive flare on the wheel arches and an independent rear suspension.

Notable equipment on selected grades of the second generation Supra were a digital instrument panel and the "Navicom," a forerunner of today's car navigation systems that used a microchip-based device that calculated the direction and distance to a desired destination and displayed the information in real time.

A Legend All Its Own

In 1986 Toyota introduced the third generation A70 Supra (MkIII) and dropped the Celica name, positioning it as an independent high-performance, high-grade sports car. It was completely redesigned and featured a sleek, aerodynamic body with a 0.33 coefficient of drag. When it was introduced, it featured a 24 valve, 3.0-liter six-cylinder 7M-GE powerplant with an output of 200-hp at 6000 rpm and produced 196 lb.-ft. of torque.

Later a 7M-GTE engine was made available with an intercooled sequential twin turbocharger. This boosted the 24-valve engine's output to 230-hp and increased torque by 33 percent to 254 lb.-ft. A small, fast-spinning, low-boost turbo engaged very responsively just above idle speed; as RPM built and load increased a larger high-boost turbo would gradually spin up, providing significant boost in the upper ranges of engine performance.

Anti-lock braking (ABS) and four-wheel disc brakes, which were ventilated up front, was another new addition to Supra in 1986, with the system being optional on naturally aspirated models and standard on the Turbo-equipped model. Another modern feature was an electronically moderated suspension with two modes – normal and sport – that was built with a double-wishbone construction for all four wheels. This was the first time Toyota had mass produced this type of race-inspired suspension on one of its vehicles.

Other features included eight-way adjustable sport seats, side window defrosters, and one touch power windows. And just to make us all jealous, there was even an optional detachable sport roof.

In 1993 the A80 Supra (MkIV) arrived. It featured two choices of inline-six engines, the naturally aspirated 220-hp 2JZ-GE with 209 lb.-ft. of torque or the twin-turbocharged 2JZ-GTE, capable of 320-hp and 315 lb.-ft. of torque. Both engine models offered a choice of automatic or manual transmission. AT models offered normal and manual shift modes and MT models with the 2JZ-GTE engine featured Toyota's first six-speed gearbox.

The MkIV Supra was also known for its advanced suspension system, which was electronically controlled and could adjust ride height and stiffness on the fly. At the time, the car quickly gained a reputation as competing with cars far above its class and Road & Track said, "The Supra Turbo performs at Ferrari Testarossa and Porsche 911 Turbo levels…it easily outgrips the European pair, is more stable in abrupt maneuvers and digs to a halt with near-identical determination."

Exterior designer Kunihiro Uchida referred to its looks as reminiscent of a "wild animal racing across a field" with its large, round front end and rear ducktail spoiler, smooth aerodynamic side profile with door mounted mirrors, and new sleek, projection headlamp system. And the Supra was about more than looks and power, as it was Toyota's first vehicle to include both driver- and passenger-side air bags as standard equipment. The Supra ended its run in the U.S. with the 1998 model year.

Power for the Present

As the years passed, many enthusiasts and Toyota fans longed for the return of the Supra. The call would be answered by then Toyota President, Akio Toyoda, who championed the revival of the sports car model. Upon its return it would be dubbed the GR Supra and serve as TOYOTA GAZOO Racing's (GR) first globally badged model.

The new GR brand had a straightforward goal: Develop cars aimed at the pure joy of driving. Through a process that started on the track, cars would be rigorously tested until a series of master drivers approved their performance. Subsequently, the introduction of models, like the GR86 coupe and GR Corolla hot hatch expanded the driver-centered lineup, with each GR sports car undergoing the same intensive track testing process before receiving its GR badge.

The fifth generation A90 GR Supra (MkV) model was revealed in 2019 after undergoing its GR approval process. The design took elements from two legendary models, the MkIV Supra and 1967 Toyota 2000 GT. At launch the A90 Supra featured a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six B58 engine matched to an eight-speed automatic transmission that produced up to 335-hp and 365 lb.-ft. of torque. It was made in collaboration with BMW and based on their Z4 platform.

For the 2021 GR Supra model, the GR team kept the pedal down to bring more output and torque while also adding a new grade. They increased the 3.0 Supra to 382 hp and 367 lb.-ft. of torque, warranting enough changes to the model to dub it as the "A91" by Toyota engineers and offer a likewise named special edition for that year. The lineup also added a turbocharged four-cylinder model with 2.0-liter engine, 255 horsepower and a stout 295 lb.-ft. of torque.

In 2023, the GR Supra added a manual transmission option to the model, which brought a new level of engagement to the punch-above-its-weight sports car. And at the same time, all 2023 GR Supra 3.0 models gained a retuned suspension with revised shock absorbers, re-tuned electric power steering with new mechanical components, and an active rear sport differential standard.

As with all GR Supra A91 models, Normal, Sport and Individual modes that adjust throttle response, suspension damping, and power steering settings came standard. All 3.0 models came with an Adaptative Variable Suspension (AVS) with sensors and solenoid valves that finely control the damping force of the shock absorbers is also standard. On the inside of the 3.0 models, premium features like black leather-trimmed seats, a 12-speaker acoustically tuned premium JBL sound system, full color heads-up display, and Qi wireless charger offer drivers a luxury cabin.

GR Supra GT4 EVO

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing's track-focused mindset also led them to launch a Supra GT4 racing model, which allows professional and amateur drivers alike to compete on the world's most famous racetracks. The GR Supra GT4 model was developed in Cologne, Germany by TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Europe, home of Toyota's five-time Le Mans 24 Hours-winning motorsport team, the GR Supra GT4 and launched in March 2020. It is sold to private customers for competition within the popular GT4 category of racing for vehicles based on roadgoing counterparts, with modifications permitted for safety and performance.

Since its launch, GR Supra GT4 customers have won races and championships on three continents in competitions such as the GT4 European Series, GT4 America and Super Taikyu in Japan, as well as legendary events like the Nürburgring 24 Hours. A cumulative 625 entries in 317 races worldwide as of the end of 2022 resulted in 79 class victories, 20 overall wins and 207 podium finishes. In 2023, 27 GR Supra GT4 vehicles are competing in Europe, 20 in North America and 12 in Asia, including Japan.

Production of the GR Supra GT4 reached a milestone of 100 units earlier this year. TOYOTA GAZOO Racing's close cooperation with its GT4 teams and drivers has led to continuous improvement of the model since launch. For the 2023 season, a GT4 EVO with 487 lb.-ft. of torque is being offered for race teams with a focus on improvements for even faster lap times. The team increased power and optimized the torque curve of the 3.0-litre, six-cylinder, turbocharged engine and made changes for more effective cooling, improved brake system design, new ABS settings, latest KW damper technology and updated anti-roll bar specification. Click here for additional information or here for the 2023 GT4EVO press release.

Complimentary 1-year NASA Membership

Purchase of a 2024 GR Supra comes with a complimentary 1-year membership to the National Auto Sport Association (NASA). GR Supra owners will enjoy a host of benefits, including one free High Performance Driving Event (HPDE) and discounted admission to NASA-sanctioned events.

Warranty and ToyotaCare

Toyota's 36-month/36,000 mile basic new-vehicle warranty applies to all components other than normal wear and maintenance items. Additional 60-month warranties cover the powertrain for 60,000 miles, and corrosion with no mileage limitation. ToyotaCare is a no additional cost plan covering normal factory-scheduled maintenance for 2 years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first, and 24-hour roadside assistance for two years, unlimited mileage.

About Toyota

Toyota (NYSE:TM) has been a part of the cultural fabric in the U.S. for more than 65 years, and is committed to advancing sustainable, next-generation mobility through our Toyota and Lexus brands, plus our nearly 1,500 dealerships.

Toyota directly employs more than 39,000 people in the U.S. who have contributed to the design, engineering, and assembly of more than 33 million cars and trucks at our nine manufacturing plants. By 2025, Toyota's 10th plant in North Carolina will begin to manufacture automotive batteries for electrified vehicles. With more electrified vehicles on the road than any other automaker, Toyota currently offers 22 electrified options.

To help inspire the next generation for a career in STEM-based fields, including mobility, Toyota launched its virtual education hub at with an immersive experience and chance to virtually visit many of our U.S. manufacturing facilities. The hub also includes a series of free STEM-based lessons and curriculum through Toyota USA Foundation partners, virtual field trips and more. For more information about Toyota, visit


TOYOTA GAZOO Racing embodies Toyota's commitment to overcoming every limit to make 'ever-better' cars, to forge new technologies and solutions under the extreme conditions of motorsports, and to never stop innovating. TOYOTA GAZOO Racing races its cars to push the limits for better and to learn from the toughest challenges. Competing on every kind of road, no matter what the challenge, inspires TOYOTA GAZOO Racing to build 'ever-better' cars and engineer Toyota's future DNA to bring freedom, adventure, and joy of driving to everyone. For more information, visit

2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Touches Down

2024 toyota grand highlander touches down

The 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander is hitting dealerships this summer as the latest and greatest addition to the successful SUV lineup for Toyota. Available in three powertrains across three grades: the well-balanced 2.4L turbo gas engine, the efficient 2.5L hybrid and the ultimate performance-seeking, 362 horsepower Hybrid MAX, the Grand Highlander is perfectly packaged for the road trip ahead.

Designed by Calty Design Studios and exclusively assembled at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing plant in Princeton, Indiana, the 2024 Grand Highlander will have a starting MSRP of $43,070 for the gas engine models, $44,670 for the hybrid and $54,040 for the Hybrid MAX powertrain when it hits dealerships this Summer.

"Grand Highlander will serve as the ultimate tool that can take our customers anywhere from the school pick-up line to the ultimate long-weekend road trip," said Lisa Materazzo, group vice president of Toyota Marketing. "We've sold over 3.3 million Highlanders in the U.S. and developed a loyal customer base in the process – and we think customers will give Grand Highlander similar praise when it comes to dealerships this Summer."

As part of Toyota's diverse approach to its carbon neutrality goals, Grand Highlander Hybrid and Hybrid MAX are two additional products that support Toyota's effort to reach a "Beyond Zero" future. Beyond Zero is Toyota's vision to reach carbon neutrality with products, services, and operations; and find new ways to make a positive impact on the planet and society.

Toyota is demonstrating its commitment to reducing carbon emissions by providing 15 electrified vehicles for customers to choose from, including 11 hybrid models, two plug-in hybrid models, the bZ4X battery electric vehicle, and the zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell electric Mirai (currently available in California). Toyota currently offers more low and zero emissions vehicles than any other automaker to give customers the most choice to reduce their carbon footprint.

Three Powertrains Across Three Grades

When it comes to deciding between performance or efficiency, Toyota offers both in the first-ever Grand Highlander. The gas engine has 265 horsepower and a 0-60 time of 7.5 seconds (FWD); the hybrid powertrain has 245 horsepower and a 0-60 time of 7.8 seconds (AWD); and last, but certainly not least, the Hybrid MAX powertrain makes Grand Highlander the most powerful Midsize SUV Toyota has ever built, with an impressive performance off the line thanks to 362-horsepower, 400 pound feet of torque and a 0-60 time of 6.3 seconds. The Hybrid MAX powertrain also has 5,000 lbs. of towing capacity.

As far as efficiency goes, the gas powertrain has an EPA-estimated 24 combined MPG for XLE FWD; the hybrid an EPA-estimated 36 combined MPG for the XLE FWD and the HYBRID MAX with an EPA-estimated 27 combined MPG.

All three powertrains come with three Drive Modes (Sport, Eco, Normal) to make driving more engaging – while Multi-Terrain Select with three modes (Mud & Sand, Rock & Dirt, Snow) is offered on the gas AWD and Hybrid MAX powertrains for even more on and off-road capability.

AWD Prowess

All powertrains can be equipped with all-wheel drive (AWD) - as an option on the well-balanced 2.4L turbo gas engine and the efficient 2.5L hybrid or standard on the powerful Hybrid MAX.

Dynamic Torque Control AWD on the gas models works to actively distribute torque between the front and rear axles, as well as the two rear wheels. It uses an electromagnetic coupling ahead of the rear differential to engage or disengage the rear wheels as needed -- the result is improved traction and enhanced driving stability.

Electronic On-Demand AWD on hybrid models, provides excellent fuel efficiency, start-off acceleration, handling and stability. Electronic On-Demand AWD achieves stable performance by driving the rear wheels with an electric motor, to provide traction when needed in slippery conditions. The front and rear wheel driving force distribution is precisely controlled to the front and rear wheels between 100:0 and 20:80, to achieve optimal fuel efficiency and a comfortable driving performance.

Full-Time Electronic AWD paired with HYBRID MAX offers an exhilarating experience with impeccable controllability. It delivers power to the front and rear wheels via a front mounted hybrid motor and a rear-mounted, eAxle electric motor. This system supports stable AWD performance and satisfying acceleration thanks to being paired with a direct shift six-speed automatic transmission. Full-Time Electronic All-Wheel Drive adjusts between a 70:30 and 20:80 front- and rear-wheel power split, depending on the driving situation. This new AWD system enhances the drive force of the rear wheels and provides the feel of rear-wheel-drive maneuverability, straight line stability and responsive acceleration.

Unique Styling Inside & Out

The Grand Highlander offers an exterior design that is distinctive and beautiful, coupled with a spacious interior found in all three rows. From the front, it is inspired by the Highlander shape, but in an entirely new way, thanks to the trapezoidal, hammerhead front grille and available 20" wheels.

The sophisticated design continues to the rear, thanks to a sharp rear bumper. The Hybrid MAX powertrain variant takes it one step further with standard exposed dual exhaust tips.

The exterior is beautiful yet functional. The rear doors are wide, giving great third row seat access. The side surface flows seamlessly from the doors through the fenders to the front and rear tires, expressing a simple yet dynamic-looking design. For the Hybrid MAX grades, unique bumpers and black-accented two-tone wheels are offered for a premium look. Exterior visibility has been prioritized with a low hood line and large side glass windows, allowing confidence when driving in city environments.

The thoughtful and spacious design continues to the interior. The soft-padded instrument panel floats above the available wood-effect ornamentation that continues into the door trim, with a functional tray shape that is seamlessly integrated between them. The form of the instrument panel upper continues into the door trim to emphasize the width of the cockpit, while the center console features independent driver/passenger side armrests allowing use regardless of whether the console lid is open or closed. High-quality stitchwork expresses a modern and refined elegance.

Drivers will enjoy available leather-trimmed seats with 10-way power driver and 8-way passenger adjustments (Limited and Platinum). And exclusively for Hybrid MAX, drivers will experience Ultrasuede® and leather-trimmed seats and with bronze-colored accents throughout the cabin.

Versatility and Convenience

Whether you're in the driver's seat or in the third row, the Grand Highlander is ready for the road ahead. The modified TNGA-K platform with a wider track and longer wheelbase than today's Highlander, provides confident handling and surprising interior space. Grand Highlander is suited for everything from short grocery runs to long weekend road trips. It has a spacious, adult-sized third row, thoughtful storage areas throughout the cabin and ample cargo capacity with room for seven carryon suitcases behind the 3rd row. And with second and third row seats folded down, it provides a total of 97.5 cubic feet of space.

Controls are centered around the standard 12.3-inch multimedia display. The center stack features a wireless charger, two USB ports, and three cup holders - including one capable of holding a large water bottle or mega cup. On the passenger side, a pocket capable of holding a small bag helps keep the cabin tidy. A sliding console cover lid can be opened and closed with the armrests still in use, allowing for even more versatility for both driver and passenger. On the right side of the dashboard, another USB port and a tray capable of neatly holding a cord during device charging, provide convenience for the passenger.

In the second-row, an air conditioning control panel and separate left/right USB ports are placed within easy reach of passengers. Cup holders are also provided for the second-row (XLE), while a removable tray with cup holders and a smartphone storage slot is provided for the Limited and Platinum grades. Additional water bottle storage areas are in the door.

And, for third row passengers, two left/right individual USB ports, smartphone/tablet storage space, and two cup & bottle holders are provided, allowing for diverse usage scenarios. Additionally, a support grip and a hand support space for use during ingress/egress provide enhanced accessibility.

Technology and Features with a Purpose

The Grand Highlander is equipped with the latest and greatest tech from Toyota, including Toyota's Traffic Jam Assist* technology (Platinum grade). Traffic Jam Assist is a radar and camera-based system that helps ease the burden of stressful stop-and-go traffic on limited access roadways by operating the steering, gas and brake pedals at speeds between 0-25 mph under certain conditions*.

*Traffic Jam Assist requires an active Drive Connect trial or subscription and is dependent on the availability of a 4G network and other factors.

Standard on the Grand Highlander is a 12.3-inch touchscreen displaying Toyota's latest Audio Multimedia system designed and engineered by Toyota's Texas-based software teams. Users can interact with the system through intuitive touch and voice-activated commands. With the available one-year Drive Connect trial subscription, drivers and passengers have access to Intelligent Assistant, Cloud Navigation and Destination Assist. With Intelligent Assistant, simple phrases like "Hey Toyota" awaken the system for voice-activated commands, including searching for directions, adjusting audio controls, changing cabin temperature and more. Available Cloud Navigation is able to take advantage of the latest map, traffic and routing information, including a POI search powered by Google. Drivers can also use Destination Assist, which provides 24/7 access to live agents.

Toyota Audio Multimedia's Bluetooth® phone connectivity allows for standard wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ compatibility. Additionally, the Grand Highlander has an available Wi-Fi Connect and includes a one-month trial subscription that offers 4G connectivity for up to five devices – turning the Grand Highlander into an AT&T Hotspot. Adding to the already robust offering of audio playback ability with HD Radio®, USB data and a SiriusXM® Platinum Plan three-month trial subscription, Wi-Fi Connect also enables Integrated Streaming, providing customers the ability to link their Apple Music® and Amazon Music subscriptions to the vehicle for onboard control.

As with all vehicles equipped with Toyota Audio Multimedia, Grand Highlander drivers will have the ability to download Over-the-Air (OTA) updates, augmenting the multimedia experience.

For the audiophile, Grand Highlander offers an available JBL® Premium Audio system with 11 speakers, creating a mobile concert from any music genre. Standard on the Limited and Platinum grades, with the use of Clari-Fi® technology, the system is also able to breathe life into compressed digital music formats, enhancing the audio experience.

Grand Highlander offers a host of additional available Connected Services such as Safety Connect through the Emergency Assistance Button (SOS), 24/7 Enhanced Roadside Assistance, Automatic Collision Notification, Stolen Vehicle Locator and Collision Assistance with up to a 10-year trial (4G network dependent). Service Connect provides drivers the ability to receive Vehicle Health Reports, Maintenance Alerts and reminders, also with up to a 10-year trial (4G network dependent).

With the Toyota app, users can stay connected to their Grand Highlander with a one-year trial of Remote Connect service. Users can activate headlights, lock/unlock the doors and remotely start the vehicle. Users can also check vehicle status, receive reminder notifications and set Guest Driver Alerts. Digital key is also offered on all grades with a Remote Connect trial or subscription, making it easy to lock and unlock doors, remote start and more – all from a smart phone.

Convenience features are aplenty on Grand Highlander. Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) with Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) is standard on all grades. Front and Rear Parking Assist with Automatic Braking is available on Limited and Platinum grades. A Panoramic View Monitor is available to assist the driver in viewing the surroundings, when operating at low speeds, by combining the front, side and rear cameras and displaying a complete vehicle overhead image on the screen.

Other available conveniences include heated steering wheel and power folding mirrors (Limited and Platinum), heated and ventilated front and second row seats (Platinum), 1,500-watt power outlets (Hybrid and Hybrid Max powertrains on Limited and Platinum) and a hands-free power liftgate (Limited and Platinum).

Allkem and Livent Merge for electric vehicle batteries

allkem and livent merge for electric vehicle batteries

Allkem and Livent Corp have agreed to a $10.6 billion all-stock merger on Wednesday, creating the world's third-largest lithium manufacturer, highlighting surging demand for the battery metal used in electric vehicles (EVs).

Combining US-based Livent with Allkem in Australia creates a four-continent industrial giant that executives say would deliver the additional expertise needed to expand supply of the metal to an increasingly hungry automotive sector, including Tesla, General Motors, and BMW.

Allkem and Livent run lithium brine facilities in Argentina that are around 10 km (6.2 miles) away, and they are both developing hard rock lithium mines in the Canadian province of Quebec that are less than 100 km (62 miles) apart. Livent CEO Paul Graves believes that combining the companies will speed up the development of those initiatives.

Allkem, which also mines hard rock lithium in Australia, has a chemical conversion facility in Japan, and is a pioneer in the emerging field of direct lithium extraction (DLE), which is seen as a tantalizing prospect for producing more battery metal faster than traditional mining methods.

Allkem shareholders will receive one share in the combined entity for each share they own under the agreement and the company will eventually own 56% of the new firm. For each existing share of Livent, shareholders will receive 2.406 shares in the new company.

Graves will lead the new firm as CEO, with Allkem's Peter Coleman serving as chairman. The unnamed corporation will be listed on the NYSE and headquartered somewhere in the United States.

Analysts believe the new company's global mining and processing assets are solid growth indicators.

Despite the South American country's socio economic troubles, Graves believes the new company's growth prospects in Argentina are particularly promising.

He also urged the US to adopt a free trade agreement with Argentina, which would make Argentine lithium eligible for EV tax incentives, which are central to the Biden administration's 2022 strategy.

When all expansion projects are considered, the combine would become the world's third-largest lithium producer by volume, after Albemarle Corp of the United States and SQM of Chile. Ganfeng Lithium Group and Tianqi Lithium Corp of China are other important competitors.

In Canada, E3 Lithium Ltd (TSXV:ETL) (OTCQX:EEMMF) has the largest Measured and Indicated lithium resource. E3 Lithium's combined resources, including the Clearwater project, are being developed in Alberta on the backbone of the experienced and sophisticated oil and gas industry, allowing the company to expedite its development.

Manufacturing High Purity, Battery Grade Lithium

The mineral property resource company focused on the exploitation of its large mineral potential in Alberta, Canada, has developed a proprietary Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) process.

E3 Lithium is progressing with the development of its field pilot project, which will showcase ion-exchange direct lithium extraction technology in real-world operational settings. E3 plans to significantly derisk its Alberta lithium project by demonstrating the process at a pilot scale as it approaches the commercial size of 20,000 tonnes/year of lithium hydroxide monohydrate production.

E3 Lithium's Facility Application for its 2023 field pilot plant was recently approved by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER). The AER license permits E3 to build and operate the equipment required to carry out the direct lithium extraction pilot, which is scheduled to commence operations in the third quarter of 2023.

The field pilot plant will be built in E3's Clearwater Project Area, east of Olds, at the first well drilled as part of E3's 2022 first drill program. E3 released the criteria and schedule for the field pilot on February 2, 2023.

E3 will provide updates on its field pilot throughout 2023.

E3 Lithium has upgraded its mineral resource to 16.0 Mt LCE of Measured & Indicated and 0.9 LCE of Inferred Mineral Resources.

Natural Resources Canada data show that Canada now has 3.2 Mt of M&I lithium resources in hard rock deposits, implying that E3's 16.0 Mt of LCE M&I is the country's largest M&I lithium resource.

E3 Lithium just announced their fourth-quarter and fiscal-year 2022 results. Highlights from last year included receiving $27 million from the Government of Canada's Strategic Innovation Fund, signing a $5 million strategic agreement with Imperial Oil, and signing a memorandum of understanding with Pure Lithium, which produced a lithium metal battery using E3's lithium concentrate.

E3 Lithium successfully manufactured its first batch commercial scale sorbent, which is critical to the success and commercialization of its ion-exchange DLE technology, and drilled the first two brine production wells at the Clearwater Project to evaluate lithium and sampled three wells, confirming the aquifer's producibility and lithium concentrations in its proposed production area over the past year.

The E3 Lithium 43-101 Technical Report: Lithium Resource Estimate, Bashaw District Project, Central Alberta has been filed by the Company.