Drivers hit Track in Unreleased McLaren

drivers hit track in unreleased mclaren

Drivers Jason and Jordan Frecka from Triple F Collection—a private family-owned collection of supercars based in central Ohio—were invited to the Circuit of Americas in Austin, Texas, for a preview of McLaren's latest Ultimate Series track car: the Solus GT.

The Triple F team participated with some of the brand's top production models before strapping in to put the prototype Solus through its paces. A video showcasing Triple F's experience in Austin—complete with on-track footage of the unreleased supercar—is available on the collection's official YouTube channel at

The Solus GT is a limited-production track-only mid-engine sports car produced by famed British auto manufacturer McLaren. Designed as an "extreme expression of track driving engagement," production of the exclusive model will be limited to 25 units. With its single-seat, closed central cockpit and extreme sport tuning, this race-ready automobile is designed to bring the Formula 1 experience to private enthusiasts.

Triple F's experience with the Solus is part of the manufacturer's "Pure McLaren" event series, which allows select drivers to discover the vehicle's true potential on a track setting.

Scheduled on some of the world's finest circuits, these events give drivers access to McLaren's team of expert coaches and some of the rarest vehicles on the planet for an unforgettable experience. Triple F's video takes viewers along for this once-in-a-lifetime outing that is essential viewing for fans of supercars and professional racing.

"Driving the Solus GT is like nothing we have experienced with hyper cars or track cars," says Jason Frecka. "Our relationship with McLaren continues to grow and we're excited to be in a select group of clients to be offered bespoke commission projects like the Solus GT."

The Triple F Collection is a family-owned private collection of supercars and hypercars based in Delaware, Ohio. Through its YouTube channel, the collection highlights the experience of daily-driven ownership of some of the world's most exotic vehicles.

An extreme McLaren design concept born in the virtual racing world.Now made real. And ultra-rare. There will only ever be 25 Solus GTs. Rendered possible through McLaren's position at the apex of motorsport, supercar and hypercar development – this is a pure expression of track driving focus and engagement. A single seater. With central closed cockpit and jet aircraft-style canopy. A ground-up design set free from the compromises of road and race regulations. The unique monocoque houses a naturally aspirated 5.2 litre V10 engine that revs beyond 10,000rpm and generates more than 840PS. In a ruthlessly pared down machine that weighs less than 1,000kg and generates 1,200kg of downforce. It's as close to the experience and feel of driving a Formula 1 car as you can get.